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Advantages to SCIA Financing

  • No Down Payment
  • Exemption from Cap Restraints
  • Longer-term Useful Life
  • Negotiated Bond Sales
  • Flexible Repayment Schedules
  • Competitive Fee Policies
  • Project Management
  • Rapid Approval and Closing

Re-Development Zone Financing

SCIA can assist with planning capital development projects in locally-designated redevelopment areas. Private sector projects may qualify for tax-exempt bonds through the SCIA. They can also finance private projects that do not qualify with taxable bonding. These bonds are Federally taxable, but exempt from State tax.

SCIA can also help arrange meetings with State agencies that provide tax and financing incentives. 

Other Financing Opportunities

RCG - Regional Capital Group


We specialize in structuring single-tenant net leases for sale-leasebacks  and  new  development  build-to-suits. Through  a  joint  venture  Construction  Build-to-Suit platform, we can provide the ability to create new opportunities  for  your  development  team  without committing capital.  Specifically, 100% of the capital will be made available.  This allows you to eliminate market  risk  and  the  need  to  secure  equity  and  debt funding,  receive  development  fee  income,  conserve capital for future projects, preserve your balance sheet and maintain strong tenant relationships.   Funding is also available  for  existing  single  tenant  assets  in  a  sale-leaseback structure.

There is a wide range of asset classes including:
Corporate offices; data centers; call centers; warehouse/distribution  facilities;  governmental  or  state-run facilities;  truck  terminals;  manufacturing;  all  retail including big box; drug stores; restaurants; auto service centers/dealerships;  national  furniture  stores; convenience stores; medical office, hospitals, and acute care; University buildings including housing; prisons or correctional facilities; bank sites including branches and operation centers.

Regional Capital Group (RCG)
A nationwide real estate opportunity fund manager and the manager of Regional Centers for the EB-5 program.  RCG has over 25 years of experience as a direct real estate lender and investor.

Paul Braungart, President

Regional Capital Group
(856) 983-4800 x 206

Thrive New Jersey

Thrive New Jersey, Program from New Jersey Community Capital

WEBSITE: http://www.newjerseycommunitycapital.org

New Jersey Community Capital is a nonprofit community development financial institution that provides innovative financing and technical assistance to foster the creation of quality homes, educational facilities, and employment opportunities in underserved communities of New Jersey.

By investing in financially sound, socially-motivated projects that are often unable to access capital from conventional sources, we improve social outcomes while providing a reliable financial return to our investors. In recent years, we have become a leading innovator of strategies to propel the recovery from the foreclosure crisis, including the large-scale acquisition and rehabilitation of abandoned properties and the bulk-purchase and modification of large pools of nonperforming mortgages.  We have also begun several initiatives to support New Jersey’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy.  Meanwhile, we continue to provide portfolio management, financial training, research sponsorship, and policy advocacy in order to advance community development in New Jersey.

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