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Salem County Improvement Authority

Contact: Julie Acton, Executive Director
52 McKillip Road PO Box 890 Alloway NJ 08001-0890 Work Phone: 856-935-7900 Work Fax: 856-935-7331 Website:
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Biographical Info

Executive Director – Julie Acton
Office Number 856-935-7900 ext. 15

Human Resources – Casie Garton
Office Number 856-935-7900 ext. 16

Accounts Payable/Purchasing – Michele Gamber
Office Number-856-935-7900 ext. 19

Keeping Salem County Beautiful

The Salem County Improvement Authority (SCIA) is dedicated to providing safe, environmentally compliant, and affordable solid waste management, recycling assistance, and education for the Salem County community.

The Landfill is an important public asset and public service operated by SCIA utilizing best management practices and sound business judgment.

SCIA also promotes responsible community recycling and road clean-up efforts. We have a beautiful county and our goal is to keep it that way! We have natural beauty that must be maintained so generations that follow us can appreciate the wonders of Salem County.

Categories: Government & Local Municipalities, Utilities, Fuel Suppliers & Environmental