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A NJ Non-Profit Corporation

rePCme is a simple and exciting nonprofit whose primary objective is ensuring local students and professionals have access to a smart device (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc) either for work or to continue their education. Any resident who is in need of a device while attending school or a professional for work can submit an application through our website. There they can see all the desktops, laptops, and smart devices currently available and can request one for FREE. Our website also lists the other items for sale & services we provide such as

  • Cleaning: Physical cleaning of a device, wiping the contents of a hard drive, or reinstalling the OS
  • Installation & setup of laptops/desktops/server/storage/misc
  • Networking: Installing a new router/switch or configuring Wi-Fi networks
  • Ability to request advanced setups or devices
Categories: Computers, Non-Profits & Charitable Organizations
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